Wine and Dine Expo

This was definitely different from what I was expecting. I’m not really sure what my expectation was but this was not quite it. (Both positive and negative)


First, the lines! These things should come with fastpasses! I registered for the Half, 5K and a kids race (for my daughter) That meant three seperate ques for each bib. You then had to go to another building to get your clear bags and t-shirts.

My number up on the board!

The Vendor Pavillion

I was expecting to find lots of RunDisney merch and race specific merch. They did have several shirts for the race weekend, but not really much in the way of regular merch. Only one mens running shirt. (Haloween colors of black/orange/white) I stood in a line for an hour for $15 worth of stuff.

The expo itself was in a nearby building. It had a bunch of great booths, another merch booth (with more room) and an area for different speakers to share with runners.  There were a bunch of interesting and fun things to browse through while there.



I thought this warning sign was funny at the expo. Little did I know that it would be prophetic.

I got there early in the day and it took me a couple of hours to get my bibs and go through the expo. I enjoyed it overall and it was fun to be in a part of Disney that you wouldnt go to on a normal basis.