Star Wars Expo and 5K Recap


It seemed like the steps backwards that were taken at the Princess expo was fixed this go around. They again opened early. I got there a half hour before opening to check merchandise and they already had a line outside of the store. (It did go quick though!) They had a fun meet and greet with BB-8 as well. Lines flowed better and the expo seemed better organized this time.

I  had a great time with my running team as we met up and had lunch together that day.  It’s always great to see the gang!





I really wasn’t sure what to expect this series. Were they going to go full Star Wars weekends and have a ton of characters out? What about the fab five who have been said that they wont appear in SW outfits anymore?



They had an awesome assortment of characters out with really nice backdrops before the race. By far the best I’ve seen at the races yet. They had Boba Fett with Han in carbonite, Jabba, Vader, Maul, new stormtroopers and Phasma!


We got some pictures and met up with the team. Lou was in the house for the 5k so we did our traditional race selfie.



I was really excited about the group of characters! What else was going to be out there if this is at the front????? Well the answer was not much at all.

5Ks usually have between 5-6 character stops in them. Most are typical finds but there is usually one or two rare or off the wall, random character that is an awesome stop.  This one had Ezra and Sabine from the new Rebels cartoon. They were available secretly at an unpublicized eating event at Star Wars weekend.  I think they were #510 and #511 different characters that we have met.


The only other stops were R2-D2 and Chewbacca, both of which were on either end of the park and not in the park itself. I didn’t stop at either since I had them already, but it did get me thinking on what Disney’s strategy seemed to be shaping us as this time. They seem to be more intentional now on not cross-pollinating their brands and this was just another clue to confirm that.

On the plus side, Disney started including photopasses for free for certain levels of passholders.  This was a great perk, one that would have cost me $100 per series before.

Running around the ball...

Running around the ball…



PhotoPass_Visiting_runDisney_Walt_Disney_World_383063631593 (1)

The worm thing from the new movie…run!!!