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Mentally Overcome your Obstacles

Mentally Overcome Your Obstacles GA Marathon 2018   I recently ran the Georgia Marathon as part of a running challenge in the Atlanta. I had just completed a 48-mile series about 8 weeks prior

Princess Half Marathon Recap 2018

Princess Half Marathon or The things you would do for your friends.    Pre-Race This all started out Marathon weekend when Danielle told me that she was going to run as Moana and that I was

Princess Weekend 2018: Expo, 5K, 10K

Princess Weekend: My favorite race Disney race weekend. It’s less crowded. The weather is more consistent and nice. The courses are great and match the Marathon Weekend. It’s got a very

Dopey Recap 2018 Half & Full Marathon

It’s day three of the Dopey Challenge. It’s still freezing cold out. The January race series has turned into a wildcard weather wise. The last three years have been consistent in their

Dopey Recap 2018 Expo/5k/10K

I wasn’t supposed to be here.  It’s well known that I will step up to just about any challenge, accomplish it and then I’m off to the next thing. So why am I dumb enough to do the

Star Wars Darkside Half Marathon 2017 Recap

Pre Race The hip was holding somewhat steady from the 10K yesterday, but I was still a little anxious. It was also back to team running. If you’ve never done a Disney Race with a team, I would

Star Wars Darkside 10k Recap 2017

Star Wars Darkside 10K Recap 2017   Decisions, Decisions I was looking forward to this race for quite a while. I knew there was a very low likelihood that I needed any of the characters on the

The 24hr Race

You can read about the road leading up to the big day HERE Like it or not, it was 4:45 AM and I was awake. The race is less than 10 minutes away, so there was plenty of time, but I got up anyway and

The Road to the 24HR Race

I’ve said in the past how I would never run a half marathon. I spent a few years doing really well on the obstacle course racing circuit, but the thought of straight running for a long

Princess Half Marathon Recap 2017

Princess Half Marathon Recap 2017 Does it still stand up as the best?   Here we are again! I was still learning the lay of the land this time last year. (The half was my 9th Disney race at the

Photos from the Disney World 10K

Another great year at the 10K! Luke and I dressed as the characters from the Brave Little Toaster. Donnie joined us for the first rare character stop and then we road killed over 1000 people to

Planning for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Planning for Princess Half Marathon Weekend The Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend is just around the corner so it’s time to start breaking out the checklist to make sure that you are

Star Wars Lightside 10k and Half Marathon Recap

Star Wars Lightside 10k and Half Marathon   Star Wars 10K The Force Awakens! So what if the Rogue One 5k had no unique characters on the course. This one had to have some good Episode VII

Star Wars Lightside Expo and 5K Recap 2017

Star Wars Lightside Expo and 5K Recap   Well, this was a year in the making. My original goal to complete all the Disney races in a year got slightly messed up after getting severely sick

Tips on how to get great pictures at Run Disney events

Tips on how to get great pictures at Run Disney events   Have you ever been to a Disney race hoping to get at least a couple of good pictures only to find later that none of them turned out

Avengers Superhero Half Marathon Recap 2016

Avengers Superhero Half Marathon Recap  The time has come. It’s been a long time coming, a 4-year plan of saving and training since 2014 to reach this moment. I was excited and a little sad

Dr Strange 10K Recap 2016 (And Christmas!)

Dr Strange 10k Recap 2016 The Dr makes his West Coast Debut!     The big deal today was the debut of Dr Strange out on the West Coast. We caught him on his East Coast debut the week before,

Avengers Expo and 5K Recap

Avengers Expo and 5K Recap The end begins here and I learn about an odd family dynamic. I’ve got to give it to the West Coast RunDisney crew. The expo keeps getting better and better.  First

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Recap 2016

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Recap 2016 Where running dreams do come true. Here we are at the last East Coast race of the year. 13 races in the Disney World segment of the US challenge was ending

Wine and Dine 10K Recap

Wine and Dine 10K Recap The race that transformed a weekend into a series. This was the first year for the Wine and Dine 10K. Historically the 5k was in the morning and the half marathon was the

Wine and Dine Expo and 5K Recap 2016

Wine & Dine Expo and 5K Recap Is Hunger Games a Disney Property?   It’s been over six months since the last East Coast race. (Star Wars Darkside Weekend) The merch section had gotten

Disneyland Half Marathon 2016 Recap

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap 2106 You laugh, you want to cry and you run through the occasional homeless camp   Its morning three, and I’m glad we are on West Coast time. I try to stay

Disneyland 10k Recap 2016

Disneyland 10K Recap A great friend, awesome characters and fantastic crowds 10K Recap Here we are back for day two! We hooked up with Thaddeus beforehand and got a team picture before heading out

Disneyland 5K and Expo Recap

Disneyland Expo and 5K Recap Now this is more like it…… Expo So this time, I sort of knew what to do and what to expect. RunDisney made several changes from the Tinkerbell series in

Tinkerbell 10K and Half Marathon Recap 2016

Tinkerbell 10K and Half Marathon Recap 2016 I thought there were characters here…. The People It’s crazy how much of a community this race series is. I’m on the other side of the

Tinkerbell Expo and 5K Recap 2016

Tinkerbell Expo and 5K Recap 2016 So different and yet so familiar.  Well the time had come to conquer and complete the women’s series of Disney races. (In the manliest way possible).  The

Star Wars Half Marathon Recap 2016

Star Wars Half Marathon Recap 2016 The WDW Radio Running Team is genuinely one of the best things that I’ve encountered during my years of running. It’s a great group to be a part of

Star Wars Darkside 10K Recap

Star Wars 10K Recap Yesterday was a great fun race. I had a hunch that today would be exactly like yesterday character-wise. The backdrops were too elaborate to swap out after just one race. I did

Star Wars Darkside 5K and Expo Recap

Star Wars Expo and 5K Recap It seemed like the steps backwards that were taken at the Princess expo was fixed this go around. They again opened early. I got there a half hour before opening to check

Disney Princess Half Marathon Recap 2016

Disney Princess Half Marathon Recap It’s day three and I’m actually feeling better than I did during this time at marathon weekend. It could be the weather that was much nicer this time,

Disney Princess Enchanted 10K Recap

Princess Enchanted 10K Recap Don’t stop, just keep going…   It was the enchanted 10K morning. It was pretty cool, but not too cold. I’m not a big tutu fan. I’ve been in

Disney Princess 5K recap 2016

The Princess 5K Recap You get a selfie…You get a selfie…everyone gets a selfie! Well here we were back already. It seemed like we were just here for the WDW marathon weekend. I was also


Setbacks   Anytime you face a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.        I recently had a pretty big setback personally that put me in urgent care. As many of you know,

Runners World Challenge and other extras

Runners World Challenge and other extras from the WDW Marathon weekend 2016   Since I knew so far out what the plan was for this huge challenge of doing all the races, I wanted to go all out for

Walt Disney World Marathon 2016 Recap

Walt Disney World Marathon The sun comes out, only to fry everyone. Day 4. I sleep really well and was feeling much better than I had the day before. I should have been a big ball of nerves since

Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2016 Recap

Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2016 So they do actually have races where it’s not raining.  or I’ll trade you rain, for a boatload of fog.  It’s day three. I got hardly any sleep